The Parish Church of St Hilda, Abbess of Hartlepool

The importance of Hild (Latin form is Hilda) to the Christian Church both in England and further afield  is recognised far and wide. Less well known is the fact that she was the second Abbess of Hartlepool, before going on to establish Whitby Abbey.

In recognition of this, two pilgrimage routes have been established in 2020 - Hartlepool to Durham, and Hartlepool to Whitby. The Whitby route can be followed on a smartphone or tablet, by downloading the free app from your app store (Google or Apple) - The Way of St Hild. The launch of the Durham routes (there are three in addition to Hartlepool) has had to be postponed - see

In 2014 we celebrated a 'Year of Hilda' as this marked the 1400th anniversary of her birth.


Throughout the year we held a number of special events and services to help us think more about St Hilda, her gifts and legacy, especially as she was Abbess of Hartlepool before moving on to Whitby.


We produced a number of prayer leaflets during the year, each helping us to think about a different aspect of St Hilda's life, character or ministry. You can download below to use in your own prayers and reflections.


Year of Hilda 1 page 1    Year of Hilda 1 page 2     Year of Hilda 2 page 1     Year of Hilda 2 page 2

Year of Hilda 3 page 1    Year of Hilda 3 page 2     Year of Hilda 4 page 1     Year of Hilda 4 page 4